FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select the time for my tour?
Yes. When you book your tour, you will be able to select the time you prefer form the times that are still available. You can also suggest an alternate time in the ‘comments’ section of the reservation page.
Where do we go to begin our tour?
That depends upon the tour. See our tour pages or refer to your e-voucher that you received when you booked the tour.
Is the transportation extra or included in the price?
In Cozumel there are three possible piers where your ship may arrive. Because El Cid is located in front of the middle pier (the "International Pier"), it is easy to walk from there. The other two piers require that you simply take a taxi for only USD $6. Taxi cost is per taxi rather than per person. See our map of the piers here
When do we pay the remainder of the tour?
You will need to pay the balance of your reservation to one of our representatives when you arrive. For your protection, we only usually charge a small percentage up front, and the remainder when you arrive. In the event that your ship does not arrive, we will automatically refund your deposit.
How can I pay the balance? Cash, Traveler’s Checks or Credit Card?
We will accept all of these for your balance, however we recommend cash or traveler’s checks. Credit card charges have to be run through Mexican banks, which require surcharges and offer a poor exchange rate. Credit cards will cost you more. For that reason we recommend paying the balance of your tour in cash or traveler’s checks. Also, Mexico is primarily a cash economy, and most businesses in Costa Maya operate primarily in US dollars. You don’t really need pesos here at all.
Are reservations required?
Space and availability is limited on many tours. Tours do sell out and prices will change. Making your reservations now insures your space when you arrive and also guarantees the price. Reserving in advance saves you valuable vacation time as well, eliminating the confusion of haggling at the pier when all of the passengers disembark.
Is a refund given if the weather doesn’t allow for water sports?
If we are unable to operate your selected tour for any reason, we want to make sure you enjoy your visit here, so we will apply your payment to any other tour we have available, or give you a 100% refund if we cannot reschedule.
What if our ship does not stop at the Port?
Occasionally ships cannot stop at a port due to weather or ocean conditions, that’s just part of going on a cruise. If that happens here, we want you to come back, so your refund will be automatic. You do not need to contact us, but please do if you do not see a refund within a week. If your ship is diverted to another port where we offer the same services, we will transfer your reservation(s) there and send you new instructions.
How can I be sure I will get back to my ship on time?
We have NEVER had a client miss their ship. Cruise lines use this reasoning often to promote their own sales of the same tours.
What is your cancellation policy?
Most tours only require 24 hour notice to receive a complete refund. When you make your reservation, you will be required to read the cancellation requirement for each tour. The Dolphin Discovery and Sport Fishing require at least 4 days notice. Dolphin Discovery cancellations will receive 90% refund.
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